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The blog moved from Wordpress to Jekyll

You may have noticed that lately I have had trouble with the blog. It was dying periodically because the backend database kept crashing. It was high time I moved away from Wordpress anyway, so I bit the bullet and ported the blog.

All in all, it was a typical system administration experience: lots of installing Ruby and Node.js packages, figuring out which of several equivalent tools actually is worth using, dealing with scarce and obsolete documentation (a blog post is not a good substitute for proper documentation), etc. But all the tools are out there, it's just a simple matter of installing them:

I decided to make the blog repository mathematics-and-computation public, as there is no good reason to keep it private. In fact, this way people can contribute by making pull requests (see the

I will use this post to test the working on the new blog, and especially the comments, so please excuse silly comments below.


This is a test. We expect inline math $x^2 + \frac{a}{b}$ to work, as well as $$\int_0^\infty e^{-x^2/2} dx$$ to work. For code, one wonders:

10 i = 0
20 PRINT i
30 i = i + 1
40 GOTO 20

Nice move to a static site generator!

Will there be an rss feed or similar?

There already is a feed. The old Wordpress site had it at and the new one has it at, and the HTML pages provide this info. So most RSS aggregators should just work.

This tests whether the Gravatar hash is computed correctly, i.e., whether the staticman.mly filed transforms works with a list of transformations. All documentation examples are wrong about hot to compute the Gravatar hash, as they fail to put the email into lowercase. (This comment is submitted under

How to comment on this blog: At present comments are disabled because the relevant script died. If you comment on this post on Mastodon and mention, I will gladly respond. You are also welcome to contact me directly.