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4WFTop and HDACT

This is an advertisement for two great meetings we are organizing in Ljubljana from June 15 to June 20, 2012:

There are many reasons why you should come: Ljubljana is lovely in June, with many cafes and restaurants on the Ljubljanica river bank, we have a very interesting programme, and when will you next be able to attend a meeting in which the keynote speakers are Per Martin-Löf, Ieke Moerdijk and Vladimir Voevodsky? Not to mention that the schedule is fairly light, everything is within walking distance, and we are organizing dinners at some excellent restaurants.

If you decide to come, make sure to book a hotel early and register today!


Neel Krishnaswami

Is there any chance these talks could be recorded? I am in the middle of working on a paper for POPL, so I can't come.

Sorry, we were not planning to do it. Anyhow, that's a lame excuse. How about this: you attend the conference, I get you an office to work on your paper?

I'm planning on recording the talks, will post here when they will be published (if the authors allow this).


FWIW, The raw files have been up here for a while (since the conference actaully). I don't have time to edit any of the talks. There has been recording of the other talks as well, but not by me. If there is anything you particularly like to see, let me know...

For me personally it was a very nice and inspiring conference. Special thanks to Andrej, he did a very nice job organizing this and taking care of everyone.

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